Puppy Preschool Testimonials

WinnieWinnie loves going to Puppy Preschool. I can’t get the car door open fast enough when we pull in. She has a great time and comes home worn out from all of her fun. It is great seeing all of the activities that she does during the day posted on Facebook. I love knowing that while I am working she is out of her crate, playing with other fur friends, and learning new things!

Winnie's Mom


Dogs Bay Puppy Preschool is a brilliant concept. As puppy parents of a breed that is very misunderstood, we wanted our little girl to get as much socialization at a young age as possible. The program has provided this and so much more! The Dogs Bay team is passionate and led by a true professional. Early education will aid our pups in being better citizens!

Mechelle & Doris

KinaKina loves going to school! Every morning she goes, I simply ask her “want to go play?!” and she goes crazy!

Puppy pre school has taught her how to behave properly around other dogs, and overcome obstacles in a way that we couldn’t have done. 
We are so grateful for Dogs Bay and the amazing team for helping shape Kina into a wonderful, well rounded dog!

Sarah Grotenhuis



Puppy preschool has been such a wonderful experience for Havoc! He has learned to play well with other puppies and older dogs. He loves the staff and is super excited when we arrive! I love that he gets to have fun with other dogs, gets lots of exercise and is being taken care of by people that love him!
Thanks Dogs Bay Team!

Love, Havoc's family

HarleyAs a veterinary technician, I am always telling clients about the importance of socializing their puppy and getting their puppy used to new experiences at the age of 8 to 16 weeks. The best way that they can do this is through programs like Dogs Bay Puppy Preschool, which helps with socialization and desensitization in puppies in a safe environment.

As a puppy mommy, I love bringing Harley to Puppy Preschool! I know that he gets used to other dogs and to common sounds and experiences. He always loves going and has a great time, and I love seeing what he does during his day on Facebook!

Kara and Harley


First of all the staff at Dogs Bay North are phenomenal! My Oliver is so excited everyday to attend Puppy Preschool.

Puppy Preschool is so essential to my fur baby’s development. He is being well socialized and taught the fundamentals for becoming the best he can be. Puppy preschool and myself, partner together to help develop/reinforce great skills and behaviors. I will & do recommend this program to every family with a fur baby. Oliver loves going to school!!

Tami David



Puppy Preschool has been a fantastic experience!!

Charley has become more confident, plays better with other dogs, has become more brave with things he feared.  He truly loves the staff..he lets out a chirp of excitement and runs for the door when we arrive. The staff is so sweet to him..I love knowing that he loves it when I leave him. When I pick him up…he is wiped out for the rest of the night!! It’s great to know he had a fun filled day learning new things!  This is a great, safe way of socializing your dog! I also want to mention, the creative games they play with the pups to challenge them. We just love it!!

Mary Rennick