Puppy Preschool

Puppy Preschool is a socialization and learning program for puppies 8-16 weeks old to ensure they get off to the right start!dbn_smlogo

773745_151559968545675_5193953154614362892_oWe know the first few months of a puppy’s life is the most critical time for shaping their temperament,¬†character and future behavioral patterns and that 90% of a puppy‚Äôs attitude about the world around¬†them is developed in this important time period.

We have two Puppy Programs to ensure your puppy gets off to the right start!

Puppy Preschool is a half or full day program for puppies 8-16 weeks old, where pet parents drop¬†their puppy¬†off¬†for a day of¬†positive learning,¬†socialization and fun. See “About Puppy Preschool” for full details.

Puppy Prep School is a half or full day program for puppies 16 weeks-6 months old where they continue their daily learning and fun, but we also begin introducing them to carefully selected adult fur friends to expand their social skills. See “About Puppy Prep School” for full details.

About Puppy Preschool

Our Puppy Preschool is going to consist of a core curriculum in 5 developmental areas.


Yappy Hour which will consist of supervised puppy play time where puppies will learn appropriate greeting rituals, practice play postures. learn some playground rules and learn to be a good fur friend over all.
New Adventures will be a time of exploring new things in a positive and fun environment. The Adventure Box, walking on new surfaces, dress up games and things on wheels are just a few of the things the puppies will learn about in a safe environment that encourages exploration and self confidence.
We will be teaching puppies that Manners Matter. They will learn to sit politely, that four feet on the floor gets positive attention and to ‚Äúdrop it‚ÄĚ when they have something they aren‚Äôt supposed to. We will also introduce them to a simulated vet exam and grooming experience as we condition them that being on an exam or grooming table is tons of fun!
Breed All About It is where we play breed specific games and activities with the puppies to give them an outlet for their instinctual needs. We play herding games, retrieving games, working games, chasing games and nosework games…just to name a few!
Sound Proof Puppy, where we will use a phone app specifically designed to condition puppies to different sounds with reward based responses…so puppies learn that storms, crying babies and vacuum cleaners mean fun and games!!
Puppies brains are developing very quickly! Studies show that Puppy Enrichment greatly enhances a puppies total potential for achievement.

Puppy Preschool is available Mon, Wed, and Fri

AM Preschool: Drop off 7-9 am. Pick up 12-12:30 pm

PM Preschool: Drop off 12-12:30 pm. Pick up: Anytime before 6 pm.

Full Day Preschool: Drop off 7-9 am. Pick up: Anytime before 6 pm.

Price: $15/ half day. $25/full day

About Puppy Prep School
Puppy Prep School is a transition program for Puppy Preschool Graduates, or puppies 16 weeks-6 months old, to help them transition into regular doggie daycare.  The puppies will balance their time between a continuation of the core curriculum exercises in Puppy Preschool and meeting carefully selected adult fur friends in our doggie daycare, to expand their social skills.

Puppy Prep is available MondayFriday

AM Prep: Drop off 7-9 am. Pick up 12-12:30 pm

PM Prep: Drop off 12-12:30 pm. Pick up: Anytime before 6 pm.

Full Day Prep: Drop off 7-9 am. Pick up: Anytime before 6 pm.

Price: $15/ half day. $25/full day

Hours and Pricing

We have half and full day openings1919259_154657238235948_3604964346608390727_n


Puppy Preschool¬†–¬†Mon, Wed, and Fri

Am Preschool:  7 am-12:30 pm
(must drop off between 7-9 am and pick up between 12-12:30 pm)
Pm Preschool: 12:30 pm-6 pm 
(must drop off between 12-12:30 pm and pick up anytime before 6 pm)
Full day Preschool:  7 am-6 pm 

Puppy Prep School –¬†MondayFriday

Am Prep School is 7 am-12:30 pm
(must drop off between 7-9 am and pick up between 12-12:30 pm)
Pm Prep school is 12:30 pm-6 pm 
(must drop off between 12-12:30 pm and pick up anytime before 6 pm)
Full day is 7 am-6 pm 
(must drop off and pick up during the times above)
Price for half day is $15/day
Price for full day is $25/day
About Socialization


Click here to read some important info on puppy socialization. 


What are the vaccine requirements?
We require a first Distemper series, Bordatella (canine cough) and a negative fecal test. Please Note: There is a 7 day waiting period after acquiring the bordatella vaccine to give puppy’s little immune systems time to build immunity.
I’ve heard not to socialize my puppy until it’s fully vaccinated. Is Puppy Preschool/Prep safe?
Studies have now shown the importance of early socialization is critical in a puppy’s development.¬† Here is a great article on Socialization vs Vaccination that explains how the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior believes that it should be the standard of care for puppies to receive early socialization before they are fully vaccinated.
All our puppies are required to have the above vaccines before starting Puppy Preschool/Prep. 
Our Puppy Preschool area is a separate area just for our puppies, away from the regular daycare play areas, so puppies are only exposed to each other.
What do I bring?
  • Flat ‚Äúquick release‚ÄĚ collar. If you have any questions about what¬†a quick release collar is, we are happy to assist. We have quick release collars available in the lobby for $10.
  • A leash. Please make sure your puppy is on a leash and/or under your control (in your arms) at all times!¬†
  • Very, yummy soft treats broke into very small pieces and some extra kibble in labeled baggies. We use a combination of treats and kibble to make learning fun and to ensure puppies don’t get too many treats and get a tummy ache.

    Full day Puppies please bring

  • A lunch in a labeled baggie or container
  • A blanket, one that smells like home is best!
  • A chew bone/toy, one they can not break into pieces and/or eat.
Is a full day or half day better?
That really depends on the individual puppy. We recommend half days to start, for very young puppies, but if your schedule is only conducive to a full day, no worries…full day puppies get lunch and a nap. Shy or timid puppies may benefit from a half day experience, energetic puppies may enjoy a full day. The Puppy Preschool teacher stays in close communication with her puppy parents with any recommendations to make sure it’s always a positive experience.
How many puppies are in the program at one time?
We have a limit of 12 puppies to ensure the quality of the program
How do I sign up?
Once you have gone through the enrollment process, you will be sent a link to sign up for Puppy Preschool/Prep. You must sign up each time you want your puppy to come. You may sign up for future dates (Ex., every Mon and Wed), but please note you may be financially responsible for any dates you do not cancel 24 hours in advance.
How do I cancel a sign up?
You log into the same sign up link that was sent to you and you can edit from there, so keep that link handy ūüôā
 Can I meet the person who cares for my puppy?
Absolutely!  The Preschool teacher never leaves the puppies unsupervised, but you can make arrangements at the front desk to make an appointment to meet the Preschool teacher and we will make arrangements for another staff member to supervise the puppies for a few minutes.
I have more questions, who do I contact?
We are happy to answer questions!!  Send us an email to dogsbaynorth@gmail.com
Letter to Pet Professionals

puppy preschool pet professional letter copy



Dogs Bay Puppy Preschool is a brilliant concept. As puppy parents of a breed that is very misunderstood, we wanted our little girl to get as much socialization at a young age as possible. The program has provided this and so much more! The Dogs Bay team is passionate and led by a true professional. Early education will aid our pups in being better citizens!

Mechelle & Doris

KinaKina loves going to school! Every morning she goes, I simply ask her “want to go play?!” and she goes crazy!

Puppy pre school has taught her how to behave properly around other dogs, and overcome obstacles in a way that we couldn’t have done.¬† We are so grateful for Dogs Bay and the amazing team for helping shape Kina into a wonderful, well rounded dog!



Sarah Grotenhuis



Puppy preschool has been such a wonderful experience for Havoc! He has learned to play well with other puppies and older dogs. He loves the staff and is super excited when we arrive! I love that he gets to have fun with other dogs, gets lots of exercise and is being taken care of by people that love him! Thanks Dogs Bay Team!

Love, Havoc’s family



HarleyAs a veterinary technician, I am always telling clients about the importance of socializing their puppy and getting their puppy used to new experiences at the age of 8 to 16 weeks. The best way that they can do this is through programs like Dogs Bay Puppy Preschool, which helps with socialization and desensitization in puppies in a safe environment.

As a puppy mommy, I love bringing Harley to Puppy Preschool! I know that he gets used to other dogs and to common sounds and experiences. He always loves going and has a great time, and I love seeing what he does during his day on Facebook!

Kara and Harley


First of all the staff at Dogs Bay North are phenomenal! My Oliver is so excited everyday to attend Puppy Preschool.

Puppy Preschool is so essential to my fur baby’s development. He is being well socialized and taught the fundamentals for becoming the best he can be. Puppy preschool and myself, partner together to help develop/reinforce great skills and behaviors. I will & do recommend this program to every family with a fur baby. Oliver loves going to school!!

Tami David


Puppy Preschool has been a fantastic experience!!

Charley has become more confident, plays better with other dogs, has become more brave with things he feared.  He truly loves the staff..he lets out a chirp of excitement and runs for the door when we arrive. The staff is so sweet to him..I love knowing that he loves it when I leave him. When I pick him up…he is wiped out for the rest of the night!! It’s great to know he had a fun filled day learning new things!  This is a great, safe way of socializing your dog! I also want to mention, the creative games they play with the pups to challenge them. We just love it!!

Mary Rennick

Where: Dogs Bay North Doggie Daycare
3225 132nd Ave., Holland 49424
When: Puppy Preschool: Mon-Fri
Puppy Prep School:

Full or half day options

Space is limited to 12 puppies so register today!

Certified Staff!
Vet recommended!
Trainer Endorsed!