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Boarding Packages and Pricing


VIP Pooch:

For dogs who love to play with doggie friends and is comfortable in a large group environment. This package includes morning and even playtime in our community play yards!  
 Cost: $32/night $18/night 2nd dog (if dog stays in the same suite)

$2/night – cash discount

Top Dog:

For the pet who is not comfortable with other dogs or playing in large groups, this package includes individual playtime in a quiet yard, and a morning Nature Walk!
 Cost: $32/night $19/night 2nd dog (if dog stays in the same suite)
$2/night – cash discount

Customize your fur kid’s stay with our A La Carte options or save with our Activity Packages!



Cuddles-n-Hugs: This is a great service for pups who enjoy one on one human interaction.   A loving staff member will go in their suite with them and cuddle and hug them.   $4.00 per session

Brush-n-Hugs: This is a great service for pups who’s coats need regular brushing.¬†¬†¬†A loving staff member will go in their suite with them, give them some love and ¬†brush their coat.¬† ¬†$4.00 per session¬†

Nature Walk: 1/2 mile of wonderful sights and smells on the  nature walk trail . $6.00 per walk

Enrichment:: A busy and balanced body and mind are the key to a stress free environment for our fur guests. We offer daily enrichment sessions that include activities to challenge the body and mind, like interactive treat games, nose work games, teaching obedience and manners, etc. Our Enrichment Coordinator hand selects activities based on each dog’s activity level and mental needs, to keep the fur kids engaged, balanced and fulfilled. ¬† $4.00/session

Dental Bone: Dr. Becker recommended Dental Bones are a completely digestibel chew with the with healthy dietary fiber, iron, calcium and a dash of cinnamon.  Does not contain wheat, gluten, sugar, soy, corn, trans or unsaturated fat, salt, animal by products or any chemicals or unnatural preservatives!  Large $3.50  Small $2.50

Carpet: A large area rug, suitable to suite size. Now included in package price.

Doggie Daycare: After morning play time at the Country Club, the staff will bring your fur friend to doggie daycare to spend his/her day with doggie friends.  $12/day 

Heated Floors:  14 of our suites now have heated floors!  Even though the air is climate controlled, the tile floors are cold, especially for our small and geriatric guests.  Our toasty new heated floors are only $2/night

Heated Bed: If the heated floor suites are full, no worries you can add a heated bed, a microwavable disc inserted under your¬†dog’s bed that stays toasty warm for 6-8 hours!! $1/night

Grooming: From an Exit Bath to a Spa Plus, we have many grooming amenities to choose from. Click Here for full details. $10 off your first groom!!

Activity Packages

¬†Add more fun and save! ¬†Price is in addition to your boarding rate. ¬†Choose as many or as few “package days” as you like!

Puppy Love: 

For puppies or young dogs that need a careful introduction to new friends and/or extra potty breaks. $10/day in addition to boarding fee.
  • careful introduction to doggie friends
  • nap and nylabone¬†
  • x-tra potty breaks
  • cuddles n hugs

Senior Center:

For our geriatric or shy, mellow fur friends. $10/day in addition to boarding fee.
  • VIP play time in our Senior Center with mellow fur friends or a morning Nature Walk.
  • heated floors
  • no slip carpet
  • x-tra potty breaks

Brush N Hugs:

For dogs who like a little extra human pampering.  Also great for dogs who shed or have high maintenance coats. $10/day
  • Gentle Brushing
  • Cuddles-N-Hugs
  • Toothbrush¬†

Zen Den:

For dogs who would appreciate a quieter, less hectic environment. $10/day in addition to boarding fee
  • private suite in our Zen Den
  • heated floors
  • nightly cuddles n hugs with a team member

Zen Den   Zen Den