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Deb Lewis Owner/Certified Trainer/Dog Behavior Counselor

Deb Lewis is a 1994 graduate of Companion School for Dogs Certification Course in Behavior Modification and Obedience, is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, The International Boarding & Pet Services Association, Heroes for Healthy Pets, is a Canine Good Citizen Evaluator and is Pet First Aid Certified.

Deb has attended numerous seminars and workshops with some of the best dog training professionals in the world, including: Cesar Millan, Dr. Ian Dunbar DVM, Ph.D., CPDT, Dr. Karen Overall MA, VMD, Ph.D., Patricia McConnell Ph.D., Steve Dale,  Trish King CPDT,  Karen Pryor,  Sue Pearson CTDT-KA, Terry Ryan CPDT, Pia Silvani CPDT,  Sue Sternberg,  Nicole Wilde CPDT,  Jan Elster MA,  Teoti Anderson CPDT-KA, Victoria Stillwell, Sue Garrett BSc, Steve White, Rebecca Rodriquez, Susannah Charleson, Robin Bennett BA, CPDT-KA, Gail Fisher, Laura Sharkey PH D, Rise VanFleet PhD, RPT-S, CDBC,  and Turid Rugaas.

 Dogs Bay Team and friends (and Angel's purse) at lunch 2013

Dogs Bay Team and friends (and Angel’s purse) at lunch 2013

Dogs bay team bowling

We do many things together as a team to build our team skills and just get to know each other personally and have some fun. ¬†It really helps as we all work so closely together. ¬†We truly are a team and I consider these amazing people part of the Dogs Bay Family. ¬†We have a “Fun Fund” set up at both facilities that clients contribute to, and every so often we do fun things as a team. ¬†I love these people! ¬† ~Deb

Dogs Bay Team cooking class at Fustini’s

Dogs Bay Team Christmas Party 2012

Dogs Bay Team Christmas Party 2012

Dogs Bay Team at the Cesar Millan Event 2013

Dogs Bay Team at the Cesar Millan Event 2013



We are always looking for amazing people to join our team!

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