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We know how difficult it is to leave your beloved companion behind while you are on vacation.

Dogs Bay Country Club is a warm, fun, loving place for your dog to visit while you are away!

Thank you for your interest in our facility. A a trainer, I have worked with many dogs with behavioral issues due to stress. When we decided to build this facility, we wanted a warm, loving environment and we have taken every action to minimize stress while your dog is in our care.  No matter what steps are taken to make dogs feel at home, boarding away from home is different and it is natural for a dog to experience some stress while boarding.  However, it is possible for boarding facilities to minimize stress and pet owners should seek out facilities that make an effort to do so. We have composed a list of some elements that cause stress for your pet while boarding and how we at Dogs Bay have taken measures to eliminate as much of this stress as possible.


Top of the list and often in short supply due to the fact that it’s very labor intensive. We offer Community Play Times and Doggie Daycare for the dog friendly dogs to get social interaction with other dogs if they so enjoy. We have Individual Play Times for dogs who prefer to play with humans. We have Brush-N-Hugs which is one on one time spent with each individual dog in their suite with a human friend.  A favorite is our Nature Walks on our 7 beautiful acres!


A dog stuck in a crate or too small of an area doesn’t have many choices. Our doggie suites are 25 square feet, with a guillotine door leading to a covered 40 sq.ft terrace. There are many opportunities for the dogs to go out into their terrace, nap on a doggie bed or carpet square, chew on a stuffed kong or a busy bone, or play with a housemate as dogs are allowed to “room together”.


Know a dog that refuses to do their “business” on cement? Needs to be free fed? Can’t sleep without his/her blanket or stuffed toy? Here at Dogs Bay, the answer to any reasonable request is “YES”! Dog will only go potty on a walk? No problem! Dog needs to be free fed? No problem.  Want to bring his favorite bed, blanket, toys or all three?  No problem! Want Aunt Louise to visit your dog while you are away?  No problem!  If it will make your pet’s stay more comfortable, it’s allowed as long as it is safe.


Pent up energy can lead to behavioral issues such as excessive barking, destructive behavior and depression.  Every boarding option here at Dogs Bay includes some type of exercise during their stay. It simply is not an option not to.


Of course, all dogs bark, and at times it is a little loud around here. We have designed our facility with only 10 suites per section. It feels as if your dog is boarding with only 9 other friends at a time. We put the same acoustics in our walls and ceilings that doctors and dentists use in their exam rooms to absorb the sound when the dogs do bark. We play soft, vet approved music during quiet times. Not only is it soothing to the dogs, the dogs are less likely to be disturbed by sounds outside like car doors that put them on alert all the time.


The disinfectants used in some boarding facilities is very harsh. Dogs sense of smell is 200 times greater that ours. If that stuff gives us a headache, imagine how the dogs feel. We use common household cleaners to clean our facility that are usually familiar to the dogs.


This is true particularly for short-coated or their coated breeds. Our facility has forced air heat and is maintained at 70 degrees in the winter, and is air conditioned with central air in the summer. We provide warm doggie beds and carpeting is available for warmth and comfort.


Some boarding facilities do not allow bedding because of sanitary purposed, or so they say. For the facilities that have trenches formed in the cement for hosing the kennels down with disinfectant, I guess it makes sense. Our doggie suites are hand cleaned at least twice a day and there are NO trenches! Beds are not only allowed, I couldn’t bare to see a dog without one.


Kennel help usually only pays something close to minimum wage which can lead to a lot of turnover in employees. Jim and I live on site and we care for your pets personally. Our staff is selected very carefully and are trained by us personally. This is a place we leave our own dogs if ever we are away!


If you are feeling anxious about leaving your beloved pet, believe me your pet will pick up on your anxiety! Here at Dogs Bay, when you arrive we will take you back and show you where your pet will be staying and you can spend a few minutes with your pet in their suite if you like. We will set their suite up with all their prized posessions, just like home! We understand that peace of mind is priceless!  Check out our daily blog where you can check in on your pet!!


Dogs that are not vaccinated can bring several illnesses in to a boarding facility. We are very strict about vaccinations and require rabies, dhlppc, bordatella, a heartworm test and we require a 6 month fecal exam. We also require heartworm and flea & tick prevention. There are no exceptions! If a dog shows any signs of illness while in our care, it is in our boarding terms and conditions that we have permission to seek veterinary care and we have a vet that is on call for us at all times. We will administer any medication your dog will need while in our care at no extra charge. If a dog refuses to eat due to being anxious, we have a special hamburger and rice mixture we use to entice the dogs to eat so they do not suffer further anxiety or stress. No empty tummies allowed here!


We have two separate security systems in our boarding facility complete with cameras that I can view from my residence!  The smoke alarms are hard wired directly to ADT Security System, which in the event of any of the smoke alarms going, off the Fire Department is immediately notified and then they call me and I live right onsite.  We also have motion detectors so if any of the dogs should escape their suite, the alarm will go off and ADT will call me to let me know there is “motion” in the building.

We have been voted “West Michigan’s Best Boarding Facility”  7 years in a row, and we are very proud of that!  We designed this facility with your pet’s best interest in mind and are confident after just one stay, you and your beloved pet will experience the difference!Please feel free to contact us. We have an “OPEN DOOR POLICY” here which is, during office hours you are always welcome to visit and get a tour.

With great love for all our 4-legged friend,

Deb Lewis
Owner/Certified Trainer 

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