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Dogsbay North Daycare New Client Reservation

Please Note: We will need 24-48 hours to process your reservation request to review the Pet Profile and confirm vaccines. A team member will confirm your reservation via email once your fur friend is all set for a day of play!

Payment: Payment is expected at the time of service: We prefer Check or cash, and accept all major credit cards. Please note there is a “non cash adjustment” on all credit card and debit card transactions. Packages are available which allow you to take advantage of a significant savings per day.

If you have more than one dog, you will need to submit the form for each dog.


Date Time




Name Phone Address
City State Zip
Home Phone Cell Phone Cell Carrier:

Emergency Information
Person who can make decisions for your dog if we can not reach you


Dog's Name Breed Color
Dog's Gender Spayed or Neutered? Date of Birth

Veterinarian Phone

We offer report cards, lunches/snacks and administering meds for $1 each
Report CardLunches/SnacksAdminister Meds

Name of Medication
Medication Instructions

Note: We will be taking the medication out of it's original container and putting it in special pill boxes so please do not bring any more than needed for this stay. Also, please do not put any medication in the dog's food.


Dog's Name Breed

Is your dog taking heartworm preventative?

Does your dog have any preexisting or current medical conditions?
If yes please describe.

Does your dog have any food allergies?
If yes please describe.

Can your dog have?

Does your dog have any sensitive areas to his or her body?
If yes, please describe.

Please check the boxes that best describe your dog's temperament. (Check all that apply.)

Does your dog have fears or phobias?
If yes, please describe.

Has your dog ever bitten another dog?
If yes, please describe the situation.

Has your dog ever bitten a person?
If yes, please describe the situation.

How does your dog behave around the following?
Male Dogs
Female Dogs
Puppies/Small Dogs

Does your dog do any guarding of food or toys?
If yes, please describe

Has your dog ever jumped or climbed over a fence or gate?
If yes, please describe

Does your dog dig?

Is your dog crate trained?

What are your dog's favorite activities?

Is there anything your dog should not have? (Certain toys, food, etc?)

Anything else you would like us to know about your fur friend?

Please Note: You will receive email confirmation of this reservation once it is made. If you do not receive confirmation, please check your Spam Folder. Please call us if you do not receive confirmation and we recommend adding Dogs Bay's email to your not spam list.

I am aware of the vaccination requirements for my dogs visit and I agree it is my responsibility to get this information to Dogs Bay North.Click here to view the vaccination requirements.

I, the undersigned owner, understand that in case of an emergency, DBN staff reserves the right to take my dog to the veterinarian of their choice, should my dog require medical attention. I agree to reimburse DBN for any financial expenses that incur as result of medical treatment for my dog. Provided all due and diligent care is exercised at all times, I hereby waive and release DBN from any and all liability of any nature due to illness or injury.
Check here if you understand this agreement.

How you were referred to us?

Enter Referrer Name:

Welcome to Dogs Bay Daycare North!

We are so excited to have your furry one hang out with us for a day of fun and loving and snuggles and bubbles!!!

In order to make your first visit with us as easy as possible, please note the following:

Our Vaccination Requirements

  • Negative fecal test result within the last 6 months
  • A negative heartworm test if your fur kid is a year or older
  • Bordatella vaccination
  • Distemper vaccination
  • Rabies vaccination

 Our office staff will call your veterinarian to confirm vaccine information for your first day of play. Moving forward, it will be your responsibility to keep your dog's information current and on file.  We recommend simply bringing in your receipt as confirmation and we will update your dog's file.  Please note we will not be sending out vaccination reminders!

What to bring: Flat “quick release” collar. We require that all of our fur friends wear this collar for safety purposes. We do not want anything on our friends that could get caught on a toy, a fence, another dog. If you have any questions about what a quick release collar is, we are happy to assist. We have a few quick release collars available in the lobby for $3.00-$10.00 depending on the size.

  • Your dog should be on leash (in your possession) from the car into the facility. We will have a designated cubby for you so nothing will get lost or mixed up!
  • You do not need to bring a bed, or blanket, we have plenty of snuggly blankets, cots and beds available for a quick nap.

What to expect on your first day

You will be greeted by a staff member who will ask you to sign in at the check in desk.  If you would like a report card or the team to feed your tail-wagger a lunch/snack or administer medication, all of that is available at an extra fee of $1/day each. 

Once you have checked in, we will secure our newest friend in our middle play area, let him/her sniff around a bit and get familiar with us, before we begin the introduction to all of his/her new friends. We will gradually integrate new fur friends in as your dog becomes comfortable and ready to play.

It is very likely that you will be greeted with some happy and excited sounds as you enter the facility!!! Our friends are always very happy to be with us and each other, and a new friend is definitely something to cheer about!!!

We know that your fur kid is a beloved member of your family! Our “kids” first day at school is a big one, no matter if they are 2 legged kids or 4 legged kids and because we understand this, we want you to be able to see what we see!

We encourage you to visit and “like” Dogs Bay North Doggie Daycare on Facebook. We will be posting something special for this first visit as well as daily photos so you can check in on your tail-wagger's day! (You can also follow us on instagram to see more fun photo's)

You may drop off and pick up anytime during our normal business hours of 7 am to 6 pm.  Picking your fur kid up on time is important!  Special arrangements can be made for an early drop off or late pick up, just ask a team member.  There will be a late fee of $5/15 minutes if you have not made previous arrangements.

Payment is expected at the time of service: To maintain the awesome price of only $25/day we accept cash and check credit cards.

For future visits, once you are an established client and required vaccines are on file,  you may simply drop your fur friend off any day/time.  We are staffed for all our tail-waggers to come play so no sign up is necessary.

All new fur friends have a 3 visit introduction period where we get to know your fur friend and where he/she best fits into the program. During the introduction period we do ask that you sign up. After these 3 visits your fur friend will be assigned a play group based on size, temperament, and social successes. Some play groups do require a sign up due to space and staffing needs. If your fur friend is assigned a play group that requires a sign up you will be notified via email.

Please Note: In the event of inclement weather, if West Ottawa Schools are closed, Doggie Daycare will be closed.

Thank you for entrusting your precious tail-wagger with us!

You are truly giving your fur friend the best gift of all by bringing him/her to doggie daycare! We are confident the benefits of doggie daycare far outweigh the risks.

Time to Play!!!

Dogs Bay Team



Similar to children in school, bugs can be passed from dog to dog in a group environment. From a simple tummy bug to the canine flu or bordatella (canine/kennel cough) and/or fecal oral parasites.

Prevention/Treatment: We require the bordatella vaccine and we recommend the canine flu vaccine, but both have different strains of the bacteria/virus, so you can vaccinate for one strain but still get another. We also require fecal checks every 6 month and disinfect your play yards weekly.

Papilloma Virus

Viral papillomas are round, but often have a rough, almost jagged surface-- like a cauliflower. They generally occur on the lips and muzzle of a young dog (typically less than 2 years of age). Less commonly, papillomas can occur on the eyelids and even the surface of the eye or between the toes. Papilloma tumors are not dangerous and will go away on their own.

Prevention/Treatment: We do random weekly checks of the dog’s mouths to check for Papilloma, but you should also check your dog at home.


We highly recommend having your dog on flea/tick prevention! Ticks especially are prevalent in our area! If you use the Soresto Flea/Tick collars, you will need to remove the collar prior to bringing your dog to daycare/preschool as they do not have a quick release option, so they pose a safety risk for dogs playing together.

Prevention/Treatment: We will remove a tick if we find one on your dog, but if we see any fleas, you will be contacted for immediate pick up of your fur friend.

Stress Diarrhea

Dogs process stress very differently than humans. They do not process negative stress and positive stress separately, so the stress of a busy, fun filled day can cause some stress diarrhea, especially for new daycare/preschool friends.

Prevention/Treatment: If your dog has diarrhea while in our care, we will take the dog’s temperature. If the dog does not have an elevated temperature, we can assume stress is the trigger. We may give your dog a break during the day. If your dog has an elevated temperature, you will be called for immediate pick up.

Noise and Excitement

Dogs get very excited to greet mom/dad and new friends! Drop off and pick up times are a time of very high energy and the dogs can be very vocal. We promise the dogs do not bark all day long! The dogs usually calm down and settle in nicely once all the fur friends are in attendance for the day.

The dogs get very excited when owners start showing up and it can cause issues at the fence and/or gates. When you arrive to drop off or pick up your fur friend, please do not approach the fence and it’s best not to call out to your dog in the play yard as it causes excitement in the dogs.

Doggie Disagreements and Boo Boos

Dogs are pack animals and operate on pack structure and hierarchy. They may “scuffle” for dominance and/or position. With this said, doggie disagreements are inevitable. Most are just a form of communication and although they are loud and sometimes physical, they do not result in injury...similar to kids getting into a pushing match.

We will always alert you if your dog has been involved in a doggie disagreement. We classify them as “appropriate in nature” and “inappropriate in nature”. If the disagreement was “inappropriate in nature”, a consult via phone or email, with the owner and Certified Trainer Deb Lewis, will be necessary before your dog can return to daycare.

Dogs play by “mouthing” and some have to learn to play appropriately....until they do, they can mouth another fur friend a little too hard causing a little puncture to their friend’s ear, muzzle, neck, etc. We do our best to keep the play at an appropriate level, but some dogs love to play rambunctiously! They also run, jump, wrestle and dig and can get a few boo boos here and there. We’ve had dogs get scrapes/cuts from running into the play equipment, break a toenail by jumping on the gates, pull a muscle from over exertion or stopping/starting too quickly and the pea stone in the play yards can cause some sensitivity to some dog’s pads of their feet until their pads toughen up a little (similar to going barefoot the first few times in the summer).

Prevention/Treatment: We do everything we can to keep the fur kids safe, but at the end of the day, they are there to play and we can regulate, but not control every dog interaction. A few minor boo boos are to be expected.

I understand the benefits vs risks

Doggie Daycare Contract

E-signature of this form applies to all future visits to Dogs Bay North Doggie Daycare

7 a.m. to 6 p.m.
There is a late fee of $5 for every 15 minutes you are late picking up your fur friend. Special arrangements can be made for early or late drop off, but must be made in advance. See a Dogs Bay Team Member for details.

Required Vaccines: Rabies, Distemper, Bordatella, negative fecal and heart worm.

Fecals are due every 6 months.

Heart worm exams are due annually beginning on your fur kids 1st Birthday.

We require a 7 day wait period after the first initial Bordatella. Please note, if receiving the inject-able form, the 7 day wait period will be after the booster has been given.

Emergency Policy: In the event of an emergency, we will notify you at the number designated on your enrollment form for emergencies. Please understand, we have no way to transport your pet to a veterinarian, so it’s very important we have up-to-date emergency contact information on file, for not only for you, but at least one other emergency contact person.

Illness Policy: We cannot accept any dogs with the following; fleas, parasites, vomiting, diarrhea, eye or nose discharge unrelated to allergies, contagious skin condition or cough or any injury. If your dog shows any signs of these conditions while in our care, we will separate your pet and contact you for immediate pick up, within the hour. If your pet is not picked up within the hour, a rate of $2/hour will be added for the extra staff needed to care for your pet.

Dog Bite Policy: We do everything we can to ensure a happy and safe environment, however dogs are animals and can be unpredictable, even in the safest environment. In the event your dog is bitten, you hold harmless all parties, including Dogs North and Dogs Bay staff. If your dog bites a human, you will be liable under the laws in the State of Michigan.

Payment: Payment is due at time services are rendered. Packages are available and must be paid upfront. If your package runs out, and your dog attends daycare without advance payment, you will be charged for a single visit. DBN accepts cash/check only, no credit cards.

Please check that you agree to the following

I understand my pet’s photo will be published on Dogs Bay’s Facebook page and may be used in other website and/or marketing materials.

I understand Dogs not regularly socialized or not exposed to the level activity of doggie daycare run a higher risk on injury and/or incident, which may require frequent breaks, time outs or your pet being on a long leash.

I agree to have my dog on a leash at all times, coming to and from the facility and while on property. I agree to not allow my fur friend to greet other dogs on leash while on the property.

I agree to bring my dog on a properly fitted quick release collar. If you do not, one will be purchased an you will be invoiced accordingly.

I certify my dog is in good health and can participate in all daycare activities.

Provided all due and diligent cares is exercised at the best of the Dogs Bay Team’s ability, I hereby waive and release Dogs Bay North, LLC from all liability, including medical expenses and attorney fees, due to illness, injury or any other nature.

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