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Doggie Daycare Registration Current Clients NEW PAGE

    Please Note: We will need 24-48 hours to process your reservation request to review the Pet Profile and confirm vaccines. A team member will confirm your reservation via email once your fur friend is all set for a day of play! If you have more than one dog, you will need to submit the form for each dog.

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    Would you like your dog groomed?

    If Yes, Select One:

    Exit Bath Includes: Bubble bath and towel dry. $8-20.

    Spa Includes: Bubble bath, detangle, ear wash, hand blow dry, style and nail trim/file

    Spa Plus Includes: All of the above plus cut/trim/neaten. Prices vary and will be included in your estimate.

    Special Grooming Instructions

    Other Options

    Add these services to a Spa or Spa Plus and save! Tooth Brush $5De-Shed $10

    Please Note: You will receive email confirmation of this reservation once it is made. If you do not receive confirmation, please check your Spam Folder. Please call us if you do not receive confirmation and we recommend adding Dogs Bay's email to your not spam list.

    I am aware of the vaccination requirements for my dogs visit and I agree it is my responsibility to get this information to Dogs Bay. Click here to view the vaccination requirements.
    I, the undersigned owner, understand that in case of an emergency, DBCC staff reserves the right to take my dog to the veterinarian of their choice, should my dog require medical attention. I agree to reimburse DBCC for any financial expenses that incur as result of medical treatment for my dog. Provided all due and diligent care is exercised at all times, I hereby waive and release DBCC from any and all liability of any nature due to illness or injury.
    Check here if you understand this agreement.

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