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    Person who can make decisions for your dog if we can not reach you
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    Vaccinations have been faxed by the Veterinarian They must be faxed to 269 857-8379

    Select One:
    Spa Includes: Bubble bath, de-tangle, ear wash, hand blow dry, style and nail trim/file

    Grooming Instructions:

    Build A Spa-

    Choose this option if you want your dog to have a bath.
    You may add any of the following to customize your Spa or Spa Plus
    Stress Free Grooming $10
    Toothbrush $5
    Blueberry Facial $3
    Pad Protector $3
    Paw-ti Toes $10 painted toe nails on front feet
    Warm Oil Ear Cleanse $5
    Hygiene Trim $6
    Neat Feet $6
    De-shed $10 includes extra brushing and special shampoo/conditioner
    Zoom and Groom $17

    Thank you for trusting your beloved pet to Dogs Bay Grooming! The groomer will call or email you promptly to schedule your appointment and discuss grooming specifics. Please Note: If you do not receive confirmation, please check your Spam Folder. Please call us if you do not receive confirmation and we recommend adding Dogs Bay's email to your not spam list.

    We are often asked and YES you may tip your groomer.

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