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Bark About Scouts Puppy Club Registration

Please fill out this form and a Dogs Bay Team associate will contact you to let you know about availability and to finish the enrollment process.

If you have more than one puppy, please submit one form for each fur-baby.


    Name Address
    City State Zip
    Home Phone Cell Phone Cell Carrier:
    Emergency Contact Name
    Emergency Contact Phone Number


    Dog’s Name Breed Color
    Dog’s Gender Date of Birth
    Spay/Neutered: Weight:

    Veterinarian Phone

    Please select the day(s) you would like your puppy to attend each week:


    Can your puppy have Treats and/or Peanut Butter?


    Dog’s Name Breed

    Is your dog taking heartworm preventative?

    Where did you acquire your dog from?
    If other, please explain

    Rescue/Shelter Name:

    Does your dog have any preexisting or current medical conditions?
    If yes please describe.

    Does your dog have any food allergies?
    If yes please describe.

    What type of food do you feed your dog? Brand:

    Does your dog have any sensitive areas to his or her body?
    If yes, please describe.

    Please check the boxes that best describe your dog’s temperament. (Check all that apply.)

    Does your dog have fears or phobias?
    If yes, please describe.

    Has your dog ever bitten another dog?
    If yes, please describe the situation.

    Has your dog ever bitten a person?
    If yes, please describe the situation.

    How does your dog behave around the following?
    Male Dogs
    Female Dogs
    Puppies/Small Dogs

    Does your dog do any guarding of food or toys?
    If yes, please describe

    Has your dog ever jumped or climbed over a fence or gate?
    If yes, please describe

    Does your dog dig?

    Is your dog crate trained?

    What are your dog’s favorite activities?

    Is there anything your dog should not have? (Certain toys, food, etc?)

    Anything else you would like us to know about your fur friend?

    How were you referred to us?

    Prior to beginning Puppy Club we require a short 10-15 min phone consultation to go over your enrollment status, answer any questions you may have and go over what is required for Puppy Club.

    When would be the best time to contact you? MorningEvening

    I, the undersigned owner, understand that in case of an emergency, DBN staff does not have the means to provide transportation to a veterinarian, should my puppy require emergency medical attention. I agree to keep all emergency contact information on file up to date, and understand in the event of an emergency or illness, I will need to make arrangements for my puppy to be transported to a veterinarian and/or picked up in a timely manner.

    Provided all due and diligent care is exercised at all times, I hereby waive and release DBN from any and all liability of any nature due to illness or injury and agree to reimburse Dogs Bay for any expenses incurred.
    Check Here if you agree to the terms above


    The benefits of Puppy Club are numerous! You are truly giving your fur friend the best gift of all by bringing him/her to Puppy Club!

    There is nothing better than a well socialized, well exercised, overall well balanced fur friend!!

    As great as Puppy Club is, there are a few risks you assume when bringing your dog to daycare. We want you to be aware of the risks, so there are no surprises! We are confident the benefits of doggie daycare and/or puppy Club far outweigh the risks.



    Similar to children in school, bugs can be passed from dog to dog in a group environment. From a simple tummy bug to the canine flu or bordatella (canine/kennel cough) and/or fecal oral parasites.

    Prevention/Treatment: We require the bordatella vaccine and we recommend the canine flu vaccine, but both have different strains of the bacteria/virus, so you can vaccinate for one strain but still get another. We also require fecal checks every 6 month and disinfect your play yards weekly.

    Please Initial Here
    I understand there is an increased risk of infectious disease by bringing my fur friend to daycare/puppy club. I agree not to bring my dog to daycare/puppy club if s/he exhibits any of the following symptoms within 24 hours of attendance; vomiting, cough/hack, fever, lethargy, discharge from eyes/nose or suspicious rash. I agree to pick up my dog promptly, if s/he displays any of these symptoms while at daycare.

    Papilloma Virus

    Viral papillomas are round, but often have a rough, almost jagged surface– like a cauliflower. They generally occur on the lips and muzzle of a young dog (typically less than 2 years of age). Less commonly, papillomas can occur on the eyelids and even the surface of the eye or between the toes. Papilloma tumors are not dangerous and will go away on their own.

    Prevention/Treatment: We do random weekly checks of the dog’s mouths to check for Papilloma, but you should also check your dog at home.

    Please Initial Here. I understand Papilloma is contagious and that I should do weekly mouth checks for my dog. I will not bring my dog to daycare/puppy club if there are any visible signs of suspected papilloma virus.


    We highly recommend having your dog on flea/tick prevention! Ticks especially are prevalent in our area! If you use the Soresto Flea/Tick collars, you will need to remove the collar prior to bringing your dog to daycare/puppy club as they do not have a quick release option, so they pose a safety risk for dogs playing together.

    Prevention/Treatment: We will remove a tick if we find one on your dog, but if we see any fleas, you will be contacted for immediate pick up of your fur friend.

    Please Initial Here
    I understand my dog cannot come to daycare/puppy club if there are any signs of fleas and/or ticks. If the daycare team finds fleas or multiple ticks on my dog, I will make arrangements to promptly pick up my fur friend.

    Stress Diarrhea

    Dogs process stress very differently than humans. They do not process negative stress and positive stress separately, so the stress of a busy, fun filled day can cause some stress diarrhea, especially for new daycare/puppy club friends.

    Prevention/Treatment: If your dog has diarrhea while in our care, we will take the dog’s temperature. If the dog does not have an elevated temperature, we can assume stress is the trigger. We may give your dog a break during the day. If your dog has an elevated temperature, you will be called for immediate pick up.

    Please Initial Here
    I agree not to bring my dog to daycare/puppy club if s/he has had diarrhea in the past 24 hours. If my dog becomes ill at daycare/puppy club, I will make arrangements to promptly pick up my fur friend.

    Noise and Excitement

    Dogs get very excited to greet mom/dad and new friends! Drop off and pick up times are a time of very high energy and the dogs can be very vocal. We promise the dogs do not bark all day long! The dogs usually calm down and settle in nicely once all the fur friends are in attendance for the day.

    The dogs get very excited when owners start showing up and it can cause issues at the fence and/or gates. When you arrive to drop off or pick up your fur friend, please do not approach the fence and it’s best not to call out to your dog in the play yard as it causes excitement in the dogs.

    Please initial here
    I agree not to approach the outside play yard fencing or call out to the dogs. I agree to have my dog on a leash and under my control at all times when entering/exiting the facility or grounds.

    Doggie Disagreements and Boo Boos

    Dogs are pack animals and operate on pack structure and hierarchy. They may “scuffle” for dominance and/or position. With this said, doggie disagreements are inevitable. Most are just a form of communication and although they are loud and sometimes physical, they do not result in injury…similar to kids getting into a pushing match.

    We will always alert you if your dog has been involved in a doggie disagreement. We classify them as “appropriate in nature” and “inappropriate in nature”. If the disagreement was “inappropriate in nature”, a consult via phone or email, with the owner and Certified Trainer Deb Lewis, will be necessary before your dog can return to daycare.

    Dogs play by “mouthing” and some have to learn to play appropriately….until they do, they can mouth another fur friend a little too hard causing a little puncture to their friend’s ear, muzzle, neck, etc. We do our best to keep the play at an appropriate level, but some dogs love to play rambunctiously! They also run, jump, wrestle and dig and can get a few boo boos here and there. We’ve had dogs get scrapes/cuts from running into the play equipment, break a toenail by jumping on the gates, pull a muscle from over exertion or stopping/starting too quickly and the pea stone in the play yards can cause some sensitivity to some dog’s pads of their feet until their pads toughen up a little (similar to going barefoot the first few times in the summer).

    Prevention/Treatment: We do everything we can to keep the fur kids safe, but at the end of the day, they are there to play and we can regulate, but not control every dog interaction. A few minor boo boos are to be expected.

    Please Initial Here
    I understand that there is risk of injury when dogs play in a group setting. I assume all liability for my dog’s own injuries in the event of a doggie scuffle. I agree to inform Dogs Bay if my dog ever bites another dog or human outside of daycare.

    Welcome to Puppy Club

    We are so excited to have your fur baby hang out with us for a day of love and learning.

    In order to make your first visit with us as easy as possible, please note the following:

    Our Vaccination Requirements

    • Negative fecal

    • First set of distemper combo vaccines

    • Bordatella vaccine. Please Note: There is a 7 day waiting period for the Bordatella vaccine.

    Please have your veterinarian email information to dogsbayinc@gmail.com

    What to bring:

    HIGH Value treats (hot dogs, cheese, chicken, jerky treats, the smellier the better! A harness or quick release collar (we prefer no dangly ID tags) and lunch if you would like for us to give them lunch while they are hanging out with us for the day. No need to bring blankets, toys or chew bones…we have you covered there!

    Drop off and pick up times

    Hours 7am-6pm Mon, Wed, Fri


    Member Dues: Payment is expected in full at the time of service. Pup Cub $185 Pup Scout $285



    • We know that your fur kid is a beloved member of your family! Our “kids” first day at school is a big one, no matter if they are 2 legged kids or 4 legged kids and because we understand this, we want you to be able to see what we see! We encourage you to visit and “like” Dogs Bay County Cottage on Facebook. We will be posting daily photos so you can check in on your fur baby’s day!

    • Please Note: In the event of inclement weather, if Holland Public Schools are closed, Puppy Club will be closed.

    Thank you for entrusting your precious fur baby with us!

    Time to Play!!!

    Puppy Club Team

    Puppy Club Agreement

    E-signature of this form applies to all future visits to Dogs Bay Puppy Club Program

    Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 7am-6pm
    There is a late fee of $5 for every 15 minutes you are late picking up your puppy. Special arrangements can be made for early or late drop off, but must be made in advance.

    Required Vaccines: Rabies, Distemper, Bordatella and a negative fecal. Fecals are due every 6 months. There is a 7 day waiting period after the Bordatella vaccine to give your puppy time to safely build immunity. Please note, it is your responsibility to keep your pet’s vaccine information updated and faxed over by your veterinarian after relevant vet visits. We do not send out vaccine reminders.

    Emergency Policy: In the event of an emergency, we will notify you at the number designated on your enrollment form for emergencies. Please understand, we have no way to transport your pet to a veterinarian, so it’s very important we have up-to-date emergency contact information on file, for not only for you, but at least one other emergency contact person.

    Illness Policy: We cannot accept any dogs with the following; fleas, parasites, vomiting, diarrhea, eye or nose discharge unrelated to allergies, contagious skin condition or cough or any injury. If your dog shows any signs of these conditions while in our care, we will separate your pet and contact you for immediate pick up, within the hour. If your pet is not picked up within the hour, a rate of $2/hour will be added for the extra staff needed to care for your pet.

    Dog Bite Policy: We do everything we can to ensure a happy and safe environment, however dogs are animals and can be unpredictable, even in the safest environment. In the event your dog is bitten, you hold harmless all parties, including Dogs Bay and Dogs Bay staff. If your dog bites a human, you will be liable under the laws in the State of Michigan.

    Payment: Payment is due each week, the morning of the first day your puppy is attending Puppy Club. We accept cash or check, no credit cards. We require a one-day deposit that will be used should you miss a scheduled day or withdraw from the program without a 72-hour notice. The deposit will be returned to you if it wasn’t used once your puppy graduates or you withdraw from the program with a 72-hour notice.

    Please check that you agree to the following

    I understand my pet’s photo will be published on Dogs Bay’s Facebook page and may be used in other website and/or marketing materials.

    All information I provided in my pet’s profile is true to the best of my knowledge. I agree to inform Dogs Bay if my dog ever bites another dog or human, while enrolled in the program.

    I have read and understand the Welcome Letter and Risks vs Benefits information.

    I understand I will be financially responsible for any days my puppy misses, without a 72-hour notice, unless the spot can be filled. Illness may be an exception, with a veterinarian’s note, and will be decided on a case by case basis.

    Provided all due and diligent cares is exercised at the best of the Dogs Bay Team’s ability, I hereby waive and release Dogs Bay LLC from all liability, including medical expenses and attorney fees, due to illness, injury or any other nature.

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