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Pet-Appease Please!

We all know dogs have an enhanced sense of smell and that dogs process much of their environment through scent patterns. The lack of their owners scent, is one major contributor of stress for dogs in a boarding environment.

What is Pet-Appease?

Pet-Appease is a scent infused locket that is attached to your dog’s collar. Inside the locket is a small felt pad with 100% organic, pet friendly hemp oil and the owner’s scent to reduce anxiety and stress.

How does Pet-Appease work?

At drop off, we will have you use alcohol wipes to collect your scent from a skin fold (inside elbow or neck) and store in an air tight container. We will then squeeze a couple drops from the alcohol wipe containing your scent onto the hemp oil infused felt pad inside the locket and attach the locket to your dog’s collar. Your dog will now reap the stress reducing benefits of the hemp oil and your very own scent!

Each scent pad lasts about 12 hours. For major stress triggers (such as separation anxiety,) we recommend using Pet-Appease twice daily. For minor stress, once a day should do the trick and we can always keep a few scent pads on hand for situational stress triggers like thunder storms!

Pet-Appease is only $4.00 per administration!!

Simply click the order box on the boarding reservation form!

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