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Thank you for choosing Dogs Bay Training!



To ensure the highest level of success for your dog, lessons are one on one with you, your dog and your trainer. You will need to choose a primary handler for your dog at each lesson, however it is recommended that all family members be in attendance for the lessons. Your trainer will discuss if it is appropriate to include children in any of the lessons.



Our Behavior Modification Webinar is your first lesson. 



[wp_colorbox_media url=”″ type=”iframe” hyperlink=”Behavior Modification Webinar”]¬†(click to view the webinar)¬†


It is highly recommended all family members watch the Webinar. Please have the webinar documents below available so you can easily follow along and to refer back to as you go through the training.  You will need to print and fill out the House Rules and the Exercise Schedule prior to your trainer coming for the first time.

Webinar Documents
You can right click and choose save as to save any documents to your computerwebinarpic

[wp_colorbox_media url=”” type=”iframe” hyperlink=”Behavior Modification Paperwork”]

[wp_colorbox_media url=”” type=”iframe” hyperlink=”Exercise Schedule”]

[wp_colorbox_media url=”” type=”iframe” hyperlink=”House Rules”]

[wp_colorbox_media url=”” type=”iframe” hyperlink=”Nothing in life is free”]

We recommend you begin your ‚ÄúNothing in Life is Free‚ÄĚ protocol (Webinar documents) immediately.¬† We encourage you to get the entire family onboard with this protocol‚Ķits simple enough even for small children, with supervision.¬† This protocol begins the ‚Äúleadership transformation‚ÄĚ and is very, very important to make a rule in your household!!




A separate email will be sent with your trainer’s contact information.¬† Once you have watched the webinar, you may contact your trainer directly to schedule your lessons.


  • collar
  • We start all dogs on a Martingale style collar (as pictured on right).¬†
  • Regular 6‚Äô cotton, nylon or leather leash.¬†
  • Lots of soft, very yummy treats that you can break into tiny pieces.
  • A favorite toy

 Please note:  We recommend only feeding your dog half his/her dinner prior to your training appointment, so they will be motivated by the yummy treats.


Lessons are typically an hour long, but a pre-determined time frame is not set.  When the dog and handler understand the command and are working together as a team, the lesson is over.  Please set aside this time frame free of any distractions. 

Due to all the variables involved in the training process, lessons could be short of an hour or could go longer.  Please keep this in mind when scheduling your lessons.  The trainer may be 15-20 minutes early or late of your scheduled appointment due to these variables, plus drive time and inclement weather.  If your trainer is going to be more than 15 minutes early or late, s/he will contact you to let you know.
Your lesson plans will be sent via email along with your trainer contact information. Please have your lesson plans available along with your House Rules and Exercise Schedule worksheets at every lesson.


Our goal is to transform the way you interact with your pet in order to have the best possible life-long relationship. We do everything within our power to achieve this objective, with the understanding that you must do your part. It is expected that you follow through with your homework and your trainer’s instructions as you begin to form new habits and make training a way of life.¬† If you have any issues, questions or concerns along the way, we encourage you to contact your trainer via phone or email.

A few things to note:
  • If you are unable to make a scheduled lesson, you must contact your trainer 24 hours prior to your lesson to avoid a $25 cancellation fee.
  • After training, your dog may be tired or a little aloof. This is completely normal.
  • Prior to your lesson, a brisk walk, run or some form of exercise and a potty break is highly recommended and extremely beneficial. It is difficult for your dog to learn with pent-up energy.
We very much look forward to working with you and your beloved pet!
Happy Training!
The Dogs Bay Team

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