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Registration Sent!

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Thank You for your boarding inquiry.

Welcome!  Your inquiry has been sent to our reservation department. You will be receiving a confirmation e-mail based on availability. If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail within 48 hours, please call the office at 269-857-8310.

 Please pay special attention to our Vaccination Requirements. Safety is first here at Dogs Bay!  We require the following vaccinations. The only exception is a heartworm test for puppies not yet a year old, as long as you provide proof that your puppy has been on heartworm prevention.

Vaccination Requirements

a.. Rabies


c.. Heartworm test

d.. Bordatella

e.. Fecal – due every 6 months

f.. We require that proof of these vaccinations be faxed over from your vet in advance of your
pet’s stay.¬†¬†The fax number is 269-857-8379.¬†¬†Nothing¬†hand written is acceptable.

PLEASE NOTE: ¬†We recommend¬†you call the Country Club a few days before your dog’s scheduled
boarding to ensure we have received the vaccination information.  It is your responsibility to get the information faxed over to us and to make sure we have received it.

What to Bring

  • Food
  • Treats if you so desire. ¬†We do not give the dogs anything that is not brought from home. ¬†Something to chew on as well, really helps cut down on any stress that may occur from being in a new place and to pass the time.
  • Bedding- We provide kuranda or plastic beds for all our fur friends and we have extra blankets to use as bedding, but if you asked your fur friend, I bet s/he would prefer his/her own bed! ¬†Familiar scents are very comforting in a new place ūüôā
  • Toys-well of course!!
  • Collar – if your dog is going to be playing with doggie friends, we ask you bring them on a quick release collar.
  • Leash – all pets must be brought in and out of the facility on a leash
  • Medications – All medications will be put in special pill containers at check in. ¬†We will only keep enough medication for your dog’s stay. ¬†If your dog is fussy about taking medication, we recommend bringing something yummy to put the pills in (cheese, peanut butter, etc). ¬†We have pill pockets for sale in the office if you forget ūüėČ
  • We do not need bowls unless your dog needs a special bowl or is afraid of metal bowls (it happens!). Slow feeding bowls, raised bowls or food dispensing toys are welcome. Please no glass or ceramic bowls.

If your dog is a chewer or¬†destructive in anyway, please let us¬†know.¬†It’s a real bummer when we have to bill you for anything your dog chewed or destroyed ūüôĀ

A few tidbits of information

a.. Our visiting friends are always¬†happy to greet new friends.¬†¬†When you first enter the facility,¬†it may be very loud with all the welcoming cheers.¬†¬†This¬†really only occurs when new people come.¬†¬†The dogs settle¬†down quickly, and it’s usually pretty quiet. ¬†We are happy to give you a tour upon arrival, but please ask for a tour before you bring your fur friend in.

b.. Payment is preferred when you pick your pet up.  Visa/Mastercard/Discover is accepted, Cash or Check is appreciated (we offer a $2/night cash discount!)

c.. We want your pet to feel at home.¬†¬†Please¬†feel free to share with us of any of your pet’s particular likes¬†and dislikes…it’s not silly to us:)

d.. Please review the terms carefully on the contract you are signing.

e.. Any changes to reservations (including¬†cancellations) must be made 72 hours prior to scheduled drop off day and time,¬†or you will be billed for your dog’s entire stay, unless we can fill the reservation.

f..Holiday Refund Policy: There will be no refunds for holiday reservations!
If you are booking your pet for Christmas/New Years, Spring Break, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor¬†Day or Thanksgiving you must secure your reservation with a credit card. Your credit card will not be charged unless you cancel your¬†reservation and your dog’s spot can not be filled.

g.. Drop off and Pick up Hours at Dogs Bay Country Club on 64th Street are Mon-Sat 9 am to noon or 6-7 p.m.  Sunday 10 am to noon and 6-7pm.

h.. Expect your dog to come home tired¬†and dirty from playing outside with friends if they are VIP’s.¬†¬†Most¬†dogs are not used to the amount of fun and activity they receive¬†here. ¬†If you want your dog to play with other dogs, please understand you assume the risk involved.¬†Similar to kids on a playground, a few bumps and¬†bruises are not uncommon if your dog is playing with friends and even though the yards are staffed at all times, dogs may engage in some scuffles to settle differences. ¬†We do everything in our power to prevent “disagreements”, but dogs will be dogs and there is the risk of injury.

i..We highly recommend you take advantage or our grooming service just prior to picking up your pet.  We have an AMAZING groomer.  Full grooming including patterns, trims, cuts, shaves, nails, etc is available.

Just a reminder that we offer a “FREE TRIAL” for new boarders!!

Looking forward to meeting you and your 4-legged friend!!

Deb Lewis and the Dogs Bay Team

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