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Doggie Daycare Testimonials





Rebel seemed to have a great time at Dogs Bay! He slept very well that night and was a very happy boy! He loves to make new friends and any day he can play is a great day for him!




I am thankful for the knowledge and experience of the staff. Its so nice knowing that Timber is warm and safe while I am away. Thank you!




Jasper seems to love Daycare at Dog’s Bay and I am very grateful to have the facility so close. I am glad that he is learning to socialize and that he is finding his place amoung the other dogs. I will be bringing him at least once a week to Daycare and hopefully he will continue to learn and grow as he should. He had a very hard and traumatic start to his life and has come so far from the malnourished, scared, shaking shelter pup we brought home 6 weeks ago


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Bella & Sam


We are pleased with Belle and Sam’s involvement with Dogs Bay. They seem SUPER happy to go and are super tired when home



Here is a typical day for all of us when Astrid goes to “school”

Before: she knows where she is going and is pumped!

After: she is asleep before we even leave the parking lot!

Thank you so much!  We are blessed for ALL of you!

Astrid's Mom



We love daycare because it’s a reliable and friendly place to take our princess! Plus, we like that she can burn off all her energy and have fun!

Laura and Matt


We Love Dogs Bay because I know that Burt is well taken care of every week, he is so obviously happy to spend time with all of his friends both doggie and human! It is a blessing!




Nothing makes me more happy than telling Gavin he is going to go to “school”. He can barely contain himself in the car ride over and rarely looks back before heading off to a day of play and love from an amazing staff. He comes home tired, but happy and very content. We can go to work, travel or just have a day out knowing Gavin is at one of his most happy places on Earth.



Lola loves her friends at Doggie Daycare. She gets to run and play and when I pick her up, she is beat! She falls asleep on the way home and we only live 5 minutes away. It’s great to know when we are working she’s having a fun day.




I work as a consultant & also help run a senior dog rescue. Doggie day care allows me to travel when needed for work (which pays for vetting for my 9 foster pups), keeping the youngster in our household (Roxy) entertained & tuckered out! Roxy & one of our fosters, Belle, love their daycare play time! Thank you!




I love all my Dogs Bay friends – the 2 legged ones AND the 4 legged ones! It is always a fun day and I sleep really well that night!


To manager Natasha:  I am on a journey of gratefulness and today I am grateful for you. You do such a wonderful job at the daycare center and Jesse just loves you! it’s just so comforting to know that she’s in great hands with great people having a great day so thank you so much for being the person you are the love of dogs you have and I hope you have a wonderful day.

Paula DeVries

12743924_916900525091604_1472393342231323330_nBaby Brew knows a mile away that he’s getting closer to the best place ever with his constant whines to get there. Dogs Bay has raised him to be a socially advanced puppy with all ages and sizes of other dogs.



Paisley loved it and did very well. I will be bringing her once a week!


12661933_908492912599032_4655511787028442274_nKoba had so much fun and I loved knowing he was in such good hands, socializing and getting exercise! I have told everyone I know about you so you might be getting new friends soon!! Thank you so much! 🙂




Jeccie loves daycare! She is completely spent by the time she is home, has some supper and is snuggled in. We love your daycare center and the great service! Wonderful customer service and follow up also. Keep up the good work!


rubyRuby had a wonderful time at Dogs Bay!

When I picked her up she didn’t want to leave, they had to pull her through the gateway and into the lobby area! Once we got home, she walked in the door and headed straight to her bed and was asleep before I could blink! She was so happily tired! It was a great first day away from home for Ruby! She will be back soon hopefully!

Thanks again- we loved seeing the pictures on Facebook of her too with all her new friends!

Ruby's Mom



Wiley seems to LOVE Dogs Bay – which is what I expected. 🙂 I love all the games you play with them and I am learning from you on what I can do at home for her too. She loved the water bottle in the sock too.

Thanks for all you do to make our pups so happy!!

Wiley's Mom

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