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Dogs Bay Boarding Testimonials



We absolutely love Dogs Bay and so did Ruby. Everyone there does such a great job. We so enjoyed all the pictures on the Internet and also reading her report card. We actually have not had Ruby very long and didn’t know how she’d do but we sure didn’t need to worry with your great staff! Thank you so much for giving her such wonderful care. I will always recommend your facility.


kolaOur dog is a very happy, very social, very smart Australian Shepherd. She lives pretty much constantly attached to our hip, and can be hard to tear her away. We’ve tried other places that are closer, or more convenient, to where we live in the north part of grand rapids, but she’s had major problems at all of them. We tried Dogs Bay out of desperation for a place we could feel comfortable leaving our puppy for extended periods of time, and where she loved it.

Without question Dogs Bay has got it! We pull up and she can’t wait to get out and run in to see her friends. That in itself is amazing, but the care and accommodation the staff takes makes this place an easy 5 out of 5. Every time we get back and pick her up, she comes waddling out happy as can be. SHE GOES IN HAPPY AND EXCITED, AND COMES OUT THE SAME WAY. If that doesn’t speak to the quality here, I don’t know what will. We drive the extra hour happily to get service that just isn’t available anywhere else we’ve gone. I cannot recommend them enough.

The pros:
– the staff is very nice: strong follow up with email and phone calls
– the place is huge: and much of it is outdoors, which if your dog is like ours with high energy that is a major benefit
– pictures. It may sound stupid, but they go above and beyond to make sure they get pictures up every day, and being across the world, being able to look at the pictures and know she is in good spirits is a huge comfort

The cons (we had to work to come up with these)
– they can be hard to find. The south complex sign is a tiny little sign that’s VERY easy to miss.
– the complex doesn’t look as full of bells and whistles as some other ‘dog resorts’. We only put this in here because some people judge entirely on how something looks up front. Looks can be deceiving, don’t be turned off by the fact that this is a mostly outdoor and nature fired property that isn’t a Hilton converted for dogs.




He is nothing like the dog we dropped off!! After coming home, he slept for a day as is usual. Then, the next day started early with pulling all his bones and toys out, he started running around the house with them trying to play tag with us and jumping (successfully) on the couch. He taught Kirk to fetch by playing with the ball at the top of the stairs until it rolled down to the basement, then barking at Kirk until he went down to get it. The squirrels in the yard have learned to fear him again. He is doing things he hasn’t done in over a year! At his age (12) I envy his energy. Thanks to you and the staff for taking wonderful care of our special friend!

Know that your dog will receive the most excellent, compassionate, and loving care at Dog’s Bay. Sadly, our loveable Brittany Spaniel, Tiger, became seriously ill during his first stay at Dog’s Bay while we were on vacation. Owner Deb Lewis and her outstanding staff got Tiger to an excellent emergency vet and we were able to drive our terminally ill dog home 13 hours to North Carolina so our children could say their goodbyes. No one is ever ready to lose a pet, but we were blessed that Tiger received loving care at Dog’s Bay and he was treated as if he was Deb Lewis’s own dog. The quick actions and compassionate care from everyone at Dog’s Bay allowed us to have more time with Tiger once we got home ~ as he is now in remission ~ and for that we are forever grateful. 


The Wagners. Denver, NC

Things often get missed in conversation especially with an active puppy at my side. I wanted to say how great it is to see how much you have grown and to see your continued success. When we came to your facilities originally back in 2002 with Zorra they were awesome. Now your ‘Doggy World” is even more expansive and still running true to the visions you talked about at that time.. Mazel Tov and thanks for a place that always makes me confident we are making the right choice for the furry family.

Thank you very much for taking such good care of Scout. I knew he would love playing with other dogs. He’s always very friendly with other dogs when we walk.

I noticed he didn’t always eat all of his food. Nothing unusual with that. He has always been a sporadic eater. He was pretty tired the day he came home and the next day. I liked that! Thank you again. I won’t hesitate to use Dogs Bay again.



Bugsy & LizzyWe have been bring our dogs to you for awhile and have always been very pleased with our visits. They both came home exhausted! Thank you for taking good care of our dogs.

Bugsy & Lizzie's Family

bellaWe are very happy with Bella’s stay at the Country Club. She has never been to a “kennel” before so I wasn’t sure how it would go, and from what I saw in pictures and seeing your facility it is a great home away from home, and nothing like the other facilities I looked into. She will be back this weekend! 

Thank you for taking such good care of the dogs.


sweetieSweetie had a good time, as far as I can tell! We were happy to leave her with you because we knew she would know some of the people- and dog-friends, and you also run a top-notch operation! :o) Thanks for everything.”

It was fun to have you stay overnight with us at the Country Club Sweetie, I’m sure we will see you around daycare but we can’t wait for you to stay with us again sometime


chasedashChase and Dash seemed to have a great time at the Country Club. I am so glad we have found a place that our dogs are well taken care of and are getting exercise when we have to be gone. They will be visiting Dogs Bay North for day care on a regular basis. I have referred Dogs Bay to many friends!


brinkleyI want to tell you how much I appreciate the love and care extended to Brinkley by your entire staff each time he is in their care. They are all so kind to him and to me. Kudos to all! Thank you for everything.


acecooperAce and Cooper had a great time!! We would like to schedule them to come back for sure…

We may also bring them for a couple day visits just cuz they seemed to have so much fun! Thanks again!


I took my brand new little girl to Dogs Bay for the weekend. I loved seeing the pictures of her playing with other dogs. The staff is incredible and her grooming was very well done! This is the place to go to board your dog as they get outside time, where others places just keep the dogs in big pens. I picked up a happy and tired little girl!


willowriverGood morning!!
Awe, what great pictures!! The nature walk looks lovely. Thank you so much for taking great care of my dogs. The staff was very friendly and helpful. It worked out so perfectly that I could spend a weekend in Saugatuck with my best girlfriend just a few miles down the road from where my dogs were staying. I will definitely be using your daycare again when I visit the Lakeshore area.

Thanks for sending the photos and thanks again for taking care of Willow and River!

See you next time!


Suki loves Dogs Bay!

I am a committed regular now!  Suki loves being at Dogs Bay and when I pick her up she is content, happy, and satisfied.  And overall she seems to be more trusting and even smarter!  Everyone at Dogs Bay is so good with the dogs and I can tell they all love dogs.  Suki has some new buddies there – human and canine – and it’s great giving her such a nice world to revolve in.
Many thanks to all at Dogs Bay

Marsha Skidmore

Flash & Remy with new friend Phoebe

Remy and Flash had a great time!  The one that really surprised me was Flash.  He can be a handful to deal with at times – at least that’s what I’ve been told by others.  Apparently he enjoyed himself immensely!  Whenever there is “scratch time” he will be first in line”!

Tom Morris

Sage loves her Nature Walks!

We found your facility to be fabulous!!!  We already signed Sage up for another visit in March.  Thanks for loving her while we were gone.
Abbei Petroelje
West Olive Michigan
Abbei Petroelje

I really appreciated everything about Dog’s Bay and the care you provided for CoCo.  CoCo was my daughter Ali’s dog.  We bought her when she was fighting cancer.  We lost Ali when she was 17 and so I am VERY protective over her dog…probably too much so!  🙂  This is the first time I have left her anywhere and I was a bit nervous.  But, your attention to CoCo’s needs, providing a safe environment, and touches of home, made for a very positive experience.  It’s nice she got to play with other dogs her size.  I was relieved that you didn’t put her in with large dogs and that you watch them to keep track of how they did.  Thank you for everything!  All the extra touches are very special and it’s apparent you love the animals.  We’ll be coming back

Lori VanderLende

Kylie (gsd) and pals


Thanks so much for calling us last evening and by first clarifying that Kylie was okay!!!  My heart was about to sink.  We were almost to Phili, PA , to see our kids. We appreciate your detail and concern for all the furry friends you take care of.!!!   Have a great weekend!!
Thanks again for that you do!

Karen Simmons

Boomer is all smiles for the Country Club!

Jenn was so sweet when we checked in on Friday evening and was so excited to see Boomer. And he was happy to see her, too.  I know you’ve heard this before, but there is no way to measure the comfort we have when Boomer stays with you. We know that he is well taken care of and that love abounds at Dog’s Bay.  Absolutely no other facility compares.

“Thanks for everything you all do for our four legged kids”!


Molly Feenstra

Maggie hangin’ in the lounge with friends

Maggie is happy to see me but is TIRED!”  She must have had fun!  I love looking at all the pictures on Facebook, thanks to you and your staff for making her visit special.


Thanks for having Zeus and Capone! They had a wonderful week!

Tom Clements

Deb you and your staff are awesome! Being so far away during all of this has been so incredibly difficult but knowing that you and your staff have been there to help Jill along the way has helped me cope more than you can know. We miss that crazy dog but we know she is happy and in peace. Love you all!

Lisa Sweaney

I love watching the girls having fun. Thx for posting the photos

Lisa Ripley

Remy’s stay was GREAT!!!  We’ll definitely be back.

Kerri Tibbs

Maggie had a wonderful time!  Thank you so much for taking such good care of her, we felt so good about where she was staying we did not worry at all.  She also felt so clean from her bath, it was wonderful. We absolutely loved seeing pictures of her on a daily basis on Facebook….great idea! Thank you


Kim bolt

“I would like to thank you for the wonderful time Walle had in Day care yesterday – he came home tired and happy and ate everything on his plate for dinner ( it does not happen every day!:-) Please, tell big “thank you” to Amanda too – Walle looks great!
She is the best groomer we have ever had!”

Piper’s zoom and groom was good.  She looked great.


June Gregory

Milo and Theo loved it!  Thanks so much for everything.  I felt very comfortable leaving them there.  Looking forward to the dog training.  Thanks again!

Tiffany Egan

A picture of them resting  tells me they are comfortable there, tired from playing, and enjoying life with the people who are taking care of them. What a fantastic page!!!! another boarding house in Dallas had this, but they never posted photos of my pups 🙁 Thank you soooooo much 🙂

Meredith Higgins

We had such a relaxing vacation knowing how much fun Sam was having and that she was in such good hands. Everyone we met on your staff was great and their love of dogs was very obvious! Your email and facebook photos were so thoughtful too, the extra effort was so appreciated. It’s wonderful that you do that, I know we all love seeing our dogs having so much fun. I love the dog house with the “porch” and the sandbox. Seeing the photo of Sam digging just makes me smile!

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