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Boarding Reservation (returning clients)

Payment: We accept local checks, cash ($2/night cash discount!) and all major credit cards.  Please note there is a “non cash adjustment” on all credit card and debit card transactions.

    If you have more than one dog, you will need to submit the form for each dog.

    Client Name Dogs Name Breed
    Clients Email

    Emergency Information
    Emergency Contact Person
    I understand that in case of an emergency, DBCC will contact my emergency contact person. The emergency contact person will be responsible for transporting my fur friend to the vet, if treatment is needed.

    Credit Card Information

    Please provide credit card information to secure your reservation.
    This is a secure and encrypted form and your information is stored in a secure software program.

    Card Number: Expiration CVV
    I would prefer to call the office with my credit card information My credit card information is already on file
    Please note our system will not allow us to book this reservation until we have credit card information. This is just to secure your reservation, you may still pay with cash or check at pick up.

    Any medication changes, changes in routine, health issues or anything else we should know since your last visit?

    Feeding Time Feed Amount Cups per feedings
    Feeding Instructions

    Will you be bringing your own treats Treat Instructions

    Note: We will not give your dog any food/treats that you do not bring along

    It's not uncommon for fur kids to not want to eat or take their medication with all the excitement of boarding. Please select from the following enticement options. Check all that apply
    Peanut ButterChicken/Rice/BrothGround Beef/RiceCheeseMarshmallows

    Does your dog require medication?
    Name of Medication
    How much?
    Name of Medication
    How much?
    Name of Medication
    How much?

    Medication Instructions

    How would you like us to administer your dog's medication?
    You may pill my dog (place pill on the back of the dog's tongue)I will bring a treat to put medication inI would like to buy some pill pockets (50 cents each or 5/$2.00)

    Note: Medication administration charges, 1-2 medications $2/day, 3+ medications $4/day. Injections are $5/per injection. Please bring all medication in its original container. Also, please do not put any medication in your dog's food.

    Please Note: It is very important that you adhere to your drop off and pick up times so we can ensure clean and disinfected accommodations for all our fur friends.

    Date: Time

    Date: Time

    Please note: After 11am pick up is an additional day's charge. The office is closed for drop off and pick up on the following Holidays: New Year's Day, Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

    If you are boarding more than one dog, please choose if you would like them separate or together in the same suite.



    I understand and agree to the Holiday and Cancellation policy

    Read Holiday reservation & cancellation policy

    Holiday Reservations: There are no refunds on holiday reservations or changes (unless you purchase our Reservation Insurance, see below) Holidays include the weekend before and/or after the following holidays: Christmas/New Years, Easter, Spring Break (first full week of April, plus the weekend before and after), Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day and/or Thanksgiving. We require a secure credit card number on file for all holiday reservations. Once you receive confirmation, the reservation is made and you will be accountable whether you’ve given your credit card information or not. You risk losing your spot if we do not have credit card information on file in advance of your pet’s stay. Your credit card will not be charged unless you cancel your reservation and your dog’s spot can not be filled..

    Non-holiday Reservations: All changes/cancellations must be done 72 hours prior to drop off day and time or you will be charged if we can not fill your spot, (unless you purchase our Reservation Insurance, see below)

    Reservation Insurance
    Due to unforeseeable travel restrictions and being in the middle of a pandemic, we highly recommend our reservation insurance to avoid any penalty for cancellations.


    Click here to Purchase

    Choose your Accommodations

    Pick a package

    Boarding Packages


    Loves to play with doggie friends and is comfortable in a large group environment. This package includes morning and evening playtime in our community play yards!Check if: My dog is new and needs a friendly introduction

    Top Dog

    For the pet who is not comfortable with other dogs or playing in large groups, this package includes an a.m. exercise option and evening Cuddles N Hugs.

    Please Choose One Exercise Option

    Going Balllistic-Dogs enjoy some kind of ball time fun, like Fetch, Soccer, Jollyball time, etc.

    Agility-Dogs enjoy playing on the agility equipment.

    Nature Walk- 1/2 mile walk on our beautiful property. Please note, we reserve the right to substitute a different exercise option for dogs who can not walk safely on a leash or during inclement weather.

    Day Packages

    Top Dog Daycare

    Mon- Thur- $35

    Fri-Sun- $45

    Top Dogs drop off between 9 and 11 am. Pick up between 6pm and 7pm

    Includes: Nature Walk, Top Dog Playtime with Activity (balltime, bubbles, sand box treasure hunt, etc), Peanut Butter stuffed Kong

    Owners can bring their treats and dinner and we will feed them so they are all ready to go home.

    * Add a 30 minute training session working on a choice of: sit, down, place, leash manners, watch me, touch, stay, leave it & give for an additional $25

    Please Note: You will need to fill out feeding and medication instructions above, if needed during the day stays.

    Choose a suite

    Classic Suite

    5'x5' Suite with a guillotine door to a covered outdoor terrace. Includes package amenities.
    PRICE: $42/night $22/night 2nd dog (if dog stays in the same suite)

    Luxury Suite

    Spacious 6'x7' Suite with a guillotine door to a covered outdoor terrace and toddler bed. Includes package amenities.

    PRICE: $52/22 a night.

    Zen Den Suite

    4'x5' Suite in a quiet area of the facility. Includes Package Amenities.

    PRICE:$42/night $22/night 2nd dog (if dog stays in the same suite)

    Customize Your Fur Kid's Stay


    Nature Walks

    1/2 mile of wonderful sights and smells on the nature walk trail . $6.00 per walk



    Cuddle & Hugs

    This is a great service for pups who enjoy one on one human interaction. A loving staff member will go in their suite with them and cuddle and hug them. $4.00 per session

    $4/ea (second dog in the same suite is free!)

    Brush & Hugs

    This is a great service for pups who’s coats need regular brushing. A loving staff member will go in their suite with them, give them some love and brush their coat. $4.00 per session




    A busy and balanced body and mind are the key to a stress free environment for our fur guests. We offer daily enrichment sessions that include activities to challenge the body and mind, like interactive treat games, nose work games, teaching obedience and manners, etc. Our Enrichment Coordinator hand selects activities based on each dog’s activity level and mental needs, to keep the fur kids engaged, balanced and fulfilled. $4.00/session



    Ball Time

    A tail waggin’ tongue hangin’ good time for fur kids who love to chase a tennis ball! $4.00/session




    Doggie Daycare: After morning play time at the Country Club, the staff will bring your fur friend to doggie daycare to spend his/her day with doggie friends. Small/Medium dogs only. $20/day

    $20/day Small/Medium dogs only. (under 40 lbs.)

    Heated Bed

    A microwavable disc inserted under your dog’s bed that stays toasty warm for 6-8 hours!! $1/night

    Yes, add Heated Bed

    Dental Bone

    Dr. Becker recommended Dental Bones are a completely digestibel chew with the with healthy dietary fiber, iron, calcium and a dash of cinnamon. Does not contain wheat, gluten, sugar, soy, corn, trans or unsaturated fat, salt, animal by products or any chemicals or unnatural preservatives! $2.50



    Report Card



    Additional Package Options

    Senior Center - mandatory for all dogs 10 and older

    Includes Wellness checks twice daily, non-skid flooring, extra potty breaks, heated bed and special report card.

    $5/night + boarding fee.
    Includes Wellness checks twice daily, non-skid flooring, extra potty breaks, heated bed and special report card.
    Yes, add Senior Center

    Puppy Love - mandatory for puppies under 9 months of age

    For puppies under 9 months of age Includes Special introduction to dog friends, extra potty breaks, and Nylabone.

    $5/night + boarding fee
    For puppies under 9 months of age Includes Special introduction to dog friends, extra potty breaks, and Nylabone.
    Yes, add Puppy Love


    Please Note: You will receive email confirmation of this reservation once it is made. If you do not receive confirmation within 48 hours, please check your Spam Folder. Please call us if you do not receive confirmation and we recommend adding Dogs Bay's email to your not spam list.

    Just a reminder what to bring. Food and treats if you give them. Any medication. Leash and Collar (VIPs need a quick release collar). A favorite stuffie or chew toy is always appreciated. We prefer to provide bedding for sanitary reasons, but a favorite blankie is welcome. Please note: Large dog beds or beds with bolsters or sides, can not be laundered if it gets soiled. Please label all your fur baby's belongings.


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