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Online Evaluation

    Dogs Bay Invites you to take advantage of our online evaluation to assist you in choosing the right training program for you and your beloved pet.

    Training Has It's Rewards!

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    How were you referred to us?

    Dogs Name Age Breed
    Male/Female Neutered/Spayed

    Tell us a little about your family

    Are you married?
    Names and Ages

    Where is the dog when you are gone?
    How many hours?
    How much exercise does your dog get every day?
    Where does your dog sleep at night?

    1. You acquired your dog at what age?
    2. How would you describe your dog’s temperament? GoodHyperactiveShyDominantAggressive
    3. Does your dog have any space issues where if you would reach in on him/her in a crate, or under a bed or to pet, would your dog growl/snap?
    If yes, explain in detail

    4. Any submissive or excitement piddle?

    5. Do you use a crate or area of confinement for your dog?
    6. What brand of dog food do you feed your dog?
    7. How many times a day?
    8. Is your dog healthy?

    9. Is your dog protective of anything (food, toys, space)?
    Please explain in detail

    10. Does your dog get on the furniture? YesNo Is s/he allowed on the furniture? YesNo
    11. Does your dog get into the trash, Bathroom tissue, toilet paper?
    12. Does your dog take things off counters?
    13. When you take your dog out to do it’s business do you take it

    My dog is friendly toward people s/he meets including well behaved children
    My dog can get along with other friendly dogs, both those s/he lives with and those outside the family
    My dog can be left alone for reasonable time periods without becoming anxious or panicked
    My dog is relaxed during normal handling and touching, such as wiping feet, touching his/her collar and routine visits to the vet or groomer
    My dog calms down quickly after being startled or getting excited
    My dog is not overly fearful of everyday noises or experiences
    My dog barks when necessary or appropriate, but not excessively
    My dog plays well with people without becoming uncontrollable, too rough or threatening
    My dog plays well with other dogs without becoming uncontrollable, too rough or threatening
    My dog plays with his/her own toys and doesn't damage any of my possessions
    My dog is affectionate without being needy, clingy or annoying
    My dog can adapt to changes such as travel, moving or confinement in a carrier with minimal problems
    My dog goes to the bathroom it it's appropriate place
    My dog greets people appropriately without barking or jumping
    My dog respects my yard by not digging or destroying anything
    My dog walks on a leash without pulling
    My dog comes when s/he is called
    My dog will sit and stay when s/he is told to do so
    My dog understands the word "NO"
    14. What types of corrections do you use when your dog misbehaves?
    15. Any previous formal dog training?
    16. Any other behavior issues or areas of concern?

    Please list your top three goals for you and your dog:

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