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Pet Sitting (New Client) Reservation


    Name Address
    City State Zip
    Home Phone Cell Phone Cell Carrier:

    Emergency Information
    Person who can make decisions for your pet if we can not reach you

    How were you referred to us?
    Who can we thank with our Ruffer-A-Friend coupon for sending you our way?


    1 Pet's Name Type of Pet Breed: Color
    Pet's Gender Spayed or Neutered? Date of Birth

    2 Pet's Name Type of Pet Breed: Color
    Pet's Gender Spayed or Neutered? Date of Birth

    3 Pet's Name Type of Pet Breed: Color
    Pet's Gender Spayed or Neutered? Date of Birth

    Veterinarian Phone

    Pet's Name:

    Pet's Name:

    Pet's Name:

    Where is food located/stored?


    Treat Instructions

    Does your pet require medication?
    Pet's Name:

    Pet's Name:

    Pet's Name:

    How would you like us to administer your pet's medication?
    You may pill my pet (place pill on the back of the pet's tongue)I will supply treats to put medication in

    Reservation Dates

    Start Date


    End Date


    Time Slot

    Pet Sitting Daily Visits-$29
    1 hour between 6-9 am1 hour between 12-3 pm1 hour between 6-9 pm

    Pet Sitting Overnight Service-$59
    Pet Sitter arrives between 8-10pm and departs between 6-9am. Minimum 8 hour visit

    Same day, second visit-$16
    30 minutes. Visit includes potty, feed, water, medications and cuddle N Hugs.
    2nd visit Time Slot: 6-9 am12-3 pm6-9 pm

    Dog Walking-30 minute walk-$20
    6-9 am12-3 pm6-9 pm


    Deposit & Cancellation Policy

    A non-refundable deposit is required upon registration to secure your reservation and will be forfeited if you cancel at any time.

    Non-holiday Reservations:

    Pet Sitting deposit $29, Overnight deposit $59, Dog Walk deposit $20

    Holiday Reservations:

    Pet Sitting deposit $50, Overnight deposit $100, No Dog Walks on Holidays

    Holidays include the weekend before and/or after the following holidays: Christmas/New Years, Easter, Spring Break, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day and/or Thanksgiving.


    Visits are an hour long. 15 minutes is delegate to potty/feed/water/medications. You then choose how you would like the remaining 45 minutes spent.

    Walk-15 minutes
    Walk-30 minutes
    Cuddles N Hugs-15 minutes
    Brush N Hugs-15 minutes
    Enrichment-15 minutes
    Household-15 minutes
    (check all that apply)check mailbring in paperwater plantsbring trash to roadrotate lights
    Other Animals-15 minutes Type of other animal
    Special Instructions


    Emergency Policy: In the event of an emergency, we will notify you at the number designated on your enrollment form. If we can not reach you, we will contact your emergency contact person. Please understand due to the scheduling of our other pet sitting jobs, we may or may not be able to transport your fur friend for medical attention. Your emergency contact person should be someone local and who is willing to assist if needed.

    Illness Policy: Please inform us if your dog exhibits any of the following just prior to your scheduled service; fleas, parasites, vomiting, diarrhea, eye or nose discharge unrelated to allergies, contagious skin condition or cough or any injury. If your dog shows any signs of these conditions while in our care, we will contact you and/or your emergency contact person for instructions.

    Dog Bite Policy: We do everything we can to ensure a happy and safe environment, however dogs are animals and can be unpredictable, even in the safest environment. If your pet bites the pet sitter or any other human or animal, you will be responsible for any claims from any resulting injuries or damages.

    Payment: A $25/50 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your reservation and will be forfeited if you cancel for any reason. We require a credit card on file to be charged on the last day of your reservation, plus a 2.5% processing fee. To avoid the credit card processing fee, arrangements can be made to mail or drop off payment by calling the office at 269-857-8310. A receipt will be emailed to you.

    Please check that you agree to the following:

    I understand my pet’s photo will be published on Dogs Bay’s Facebook page and may be used in other website and/or marketing materials.

    All information I provided in my pet’s profile is true to the best of my knowledge. I agree to inform Dogs Bay Inc. if my dog ever bites another dog or human, while enrolled in the program.

    I certify my dog is in good health and can participate in all package activities.

    Provided all due and diligent cares is exercised at the best of the Dogs Bay Team’s ability, I hereby waive and release Dogs Bay Inc., from all liability, including medical expenses and attorney fees, due to illness, injury or any other nature.

    Thank you for choosing Dogs Bay for your pet sitting needs!
    Your Pet Sitter will call you to introduce themselves and answer any questions you may have and schedule a Meet and Greet at no charge, if desired.

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