Accommodations - Dogs Bay



  • Private 25 sq. ft. indoor suite with home-like atmosphere.
  • Private 40 sq. ft. covered and illuminated outside terrace.
  • Climate controlled year around with heat and central air.
  • Heated Floors in 9 of the suites
  • Four large fenced in play yards for community or individual play time.
  • Two sophisticated security systems

Campers Quarters:

No chain fence allowed! Inside suites are private and have a home like atmosphere. The facility is heated and air conditioned. Raised dog beds, fleece beds, and even carpeting are available for your dog’s pleasure and comfort. Soothing music is played at night and at quiet times.

New!  Zen Room: For the fur friend who needs a quieter environment with a little more human interaction.
Our new Zen Room is a private room with only four 4’x4′ suites with the following accomodations

  • Package Choice
  • Heated Floors
  • Pheromone Aroma-Therapy (reduces anxiety/stress)
  • Cuddles-N-Hugs
  • Private Terrace and Play Yards

Room Mates:

Four-legged friends and family can stay together! Dogs from the same family can room together if you desire, and with written consent for non-family members your pet can room with a friend.

Community Play Time:

From 9-11 a.m.  and 6:30-7:30 p.m., your pet has an opportunity to run and romp with doggie friends in our large, fenced play yard. This is only for dogs who enjoy other dogs. Dogs are evaluated for temperament and are safely introduced to new friends. If your dog prefers to play with humans or play alone, there are exercise options available. See the a-la-carte services.

Doggie Daycare:

You can add a day of doggie daycare to your dog’s boarding package for only $12/day!!!  Click here for more information on our doggie daycare







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