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Boarding Packages and Pricing



For dogs who love to play with doggie friends and are comfortable in a large group environment.

Package Includes:

Top Dog

For the dogs who are not comfortable with other dogs or playing in large groups.

Package includes:

Top Dog Daycare

A daycare option for fur kids who prefer humans to play with.

Mon- Thur $45
Fri-Sun $45
Top Dogs drop off between 9 and 11 am. Pick up between 6pm and 7pm
This package includes

*Add a 30 minute training session working on a choice of: sit, down, place, leash manners, watch me, touch, stay, leave it & give for an additional $25


Classic Suite

5’x5′ Suite with a guillotine door to a covered outdoor terrace. 

Includes package all amenities listed above.

PRICE: $45/night
$35/night 2nd dog (if dog stays in the same suite)

Luxury Suite

Spacious 6’x7′ Suite at our Country Cottage with a guillotine door to a outdoor terrace. 

Includes all package amenities listed above plus.

PRICE: $55/night
$45/night 2nd dog. (if dog stays in the same suite)

Zen Den Suite

4’x5′ Suite in a quiet area of the facility with a guillotine door to a covered outdoor terrace.

Includes all the package amenities listed above.

PRICE: $45/night
$35/night 2nd dog
(if dog stays in the same suite) 


Customize your fur kid’s stay with our A La Carte options or save with our Activity Packages!


Visit our new Heart Rock A-paw-thecary at The Cabin located on-site!
Chicken Paws: All Natural Chicken Feet are an incredibly healthy treat your dog will love! Dehydrated for safety. Naturally high in glucosamine chondroitin for healthy bones and joints.
6ct $5
Calming Treats and Tinctures: Our all natural calming treats/tinctures will help keep your fur baby calm and happy. Amazing for storm or firework phobias or just the general added stress from being away from home. 
30ct bag $25
5ct bag $5
300mg Tincture $40
600mg Tincture $50
Blueberry Glycerite: Blueberries are a powerhouse of antioxidants and support the immune system which will help keep your fur baby healthy while they are boarding and at home too! Our Blueberry Glycerite is made on-site at Heart Rock A-paw-thecary by Dogs Bay Owner and Herbalist Deb Lewis. Simply add a dropperful to their food or water twice a day.
2 oz bottle $10
Ear Healer: If your dog is prone to ear infections, try our Ear Healer drops from Heart Rock A-paw-thecary owned by Dogs Bay Owner and Herbalist Deb Lewis. 3-5 drops in the affected ear will clear that infection right up! All Natural, made with Mullein, Garlic and Castor Oil.
2 oz bottle $10
All Natural Styptic Powder: Ever cut your dog’s nails too short causing them to bleed? Take home some of our All Natural Styptic Powder made here at Heart Rock A-paw-thecary by Dogs Bay Owner and Herbalist Deb Lewis.
.50 oz $5

Activity Packages

Seniors and Puppies need a lot of extra care, so we’ve created special packages to ensure the quality of their care. The $5 is in addition to their boarding fee and is mandatory for puppies under 9 months or seniors 10 and older.

Puppy Love:

For puppies under 9 months of age. $5/day in addition to boarding fee. Includes:
  • Special introduction to dog friends approved by our certified trainer
  • X-tra potty breaks
  • Nylabone
  • Cuddles & Hugs
  • Report Card

Senior Center:

For our senior friends 10 and older. $5/day in addition to boarding fee.
  • Wellness checks twice daily
  • Non-skid flooring (if not a chewer)
  • Thermal bed (if not a chewer)
  • X-tra potty breaks
  • Cuddles & Hugs
  • Special report card
  • Medication: We are happy to administer your pet’s medication. 1-2 medications $2/day, 3+ medications $4/day. Injections are $5/per injection
  • Special Diet-If a dog does not eat within a 24-hour period, we offer chicken broth/rice, added to their kibble, to entice them to eat.
    Chicken: $3/can
    Chicken Broth: $1/serving
  • Diarrhea Protocol-If a dog gets diarrhea, we have a full diarrhea protocol that includes Imodium, bland diet (chicken/rice) until the GI upset is under control and then we gradually transition them back to their regular diet.
    Immodium: $2/administration
    Chicken/Rice: $3/serving
  • Illness-If a dog vomits due to anxiety, we will offer Pepcid and bland diet (chicken/rice) until the symptoms subside.
    Pepcid: $2/administration
    Chicken/Rice: $3 serving
  • Sore Pads– If a dog’s pads are sensitive to the stones in the play yards, we provide Epson Salt Foot Baths and Pad Protector
    Epson Salt Foot Bath: $6/session
    Pad Protector: $2/application
  • Hand Feeding-If your dog requires hand feeding to get them to eat, the loving staff will gladly sit in their suite with them. $6/session
  • Peanut Butter-we use peanut butter to entice dogs to eat and/or administer medication. $.50/serving
  • Laundry-If the fur kids eliminate on their bedding, we will wash it up for them. Every dog deserves a clean, dry bed!
  • Spot Baths-If a dog eliminates on themselves, we make sure they are comfortable and squeaky clean with a spot bath. $3-20
  • Quarantine: If a dog becomes ill while in our care we will take extra special care of your fur baby with extra attention, love, wellness checks and special disinfecting protocols. $5/day

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