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Training Testimonials

Missy & Friends at Dogs Bay Doggie Daycare

 Thank you from Missy!

Missy has improved in many areas where we had challenges with her in the past,  we are very thankful that many of those issues have been resolved with working on both ends, Missy and us.   We have a much better confidence that we can control a situation if one arises, thanks to the wonderful training we received. 

Missy had a wellness checkup at the Hamilton Vet Clinic and I mentioned that she just finished her training with Dogs Bay and they said “Missy is very calm and we could tell she had some training”.¬† It was the first time that Missy went on their scale on her own, as she was always scared to do so and there were many dogs there in the waiting room and Missy was wonderful to them.
Thank you again for thinking of Missy, we look forward to a long relationship with Dog’s Bay.
Phyllis Meiste, Hamilton MI

Thank You from Sunshine

Dear Dogs Bay,
I just have to take a minute here to sing the praises of your trainers. We adopted a rescue dog “Sunshine” who is the most wonderful addition to our household & loves everyone but had issues with being around other dogs – basically becoming rather aggressive. Not knowing what to do, I just happened to make the best decision I could have & started working primarily with Dogs Bay. In such a short amount of time¬†my trainer¬†was able to understand why Sunshine was having her problems & gave me fabulous instruction & training. We have also taken the Pack Rehab training package which has worked wonders. We are now happy to be able to look forward to bringing her to the day care facility to play to her hearts content and have the piece of mind that she and all her playmates are safe to be together. Thank you so much for all your help & guidance. I would wholeheartedly recommend your services to anyone – without any reservation!Ann Baarman & Sunshine
Holland, MI

Thank You from Chance

Dear Dogs Bay,
Deb advised us when he was just a puppy that it would be good to socialize him with other dogs and people. Our ultimate goal is to prepare him to be a therapy dog and for the past year and a half Dogs Bay trainers have helped both us and Chance learn how to manage high energy and enthusiasm. They have been consistent in their message…give Chance opportunites to “work.” Theirs has been valued advice…and what they teach works! Our next step is to go to Canine Good Citizen Class. That will be a high quality experience too.Bob and Leslie Wessman
Holland, MI

Thank You from Madeleine

Hi Deb,
You are a wonderful teacher; thank you for your patience and good instructions during the CGC work. Your lessons help me in life, in general (visualize, think about energy…how it, itself, communicates from person to animal…and on out into the universe).
I look forward to participating in drop-in classes just to keep Madeleine (aka=ME) in practice, especially with keeping her sit when someone pets her.Priscilla (& Madeleine)

Thank You from Sammy


Dear Lindsey,
Thank you so much for helping us train Sammy. We truly enjoyed the time our family shared with you. You were perfect for my kids, the way you complimented my daughter and built her confidence in her ability to control our large dog. We just experienced your 100% guarantee–WOW! That was impressive and really made us feel we made a great investment and have entered a great relationship with you. Thank you for your care and concern for our family. You accepted us and worked with our lifestyle in raising our dog. You are a wonderful trainer and will highly recommend you to anyone!With Gratitude,
Jeff, Jamie, Ryann, & Joey

Thank You from Radley

Dear Dogs Bay,
I took the Behavior Modification/Group Obedience Class and my dog is a changed pup!! She wasn’t too bad to begin with, but now she has stopped her digging, jumping on guests, and pulling on walks! I tried reading books on dog training, but it is so much better to actually take a class. The trainers are awesome! They provide feedback during the class so that you practice correctly at home. I loved taking the class, and Radley seems to be much more mellow and happy too!
Thanks so much!Alanna Robinson
& Radley

Thank You from Benjamin

Dear Dogs Bay,
I have to tell you I just really think Dogs Bay is incredibly awesome!  I have gone through a lot of different obedience and agility trainers over the years and this is actually the first time with both the private training and the group class that I felt like I got actual results and understood how to make what I knew needed to happen happen.Angel Vogel and Benjamin
Laketown Township

Thank You from Rocky

To everyone at Dogs Bay Training,
“As you know, when I brought our 2 yr. old family pet “Rocky” in to Dogs Bay for training, I was convinced that he was too stubborn to listen and I was hesitant that he would learn any commands. I was hopeful that I could at least get him to learn how to come when called and knew that I had to do something about that issue for his own safety. After the short time we were in training I was just amazed that he was learning many commands and actually listening to me ! The basis of your program was to teach ME how to teach HIM. The success of his ability to learn depended on me and I am grateful that I learned this valuable lesson.”Terri Kunkel
Saugatuck, MI

Thank You from Telulah

Dear Dogs Bay,
Over the weekend, I submitted our testimonial on-line, but wanted the chance to give you a personal “Thank You” for all your hard work and patience with us while Telulah was in training. We really appreciate all you have done to restore order & laughter to our family, including the dog! She is just doing so well, and has really brought a lot of joy to our home. You have such a great demeanor with children, and I loved that they could learn right along with us. I hope you are wildly successful in your new venture (as owner of Dogs Bay Training North [a subsidiary of Dogs Bay Training]) which I’m sure you will be. I never knew such a little pup could bring so much excitement into our family, and have been pleasantly surprised how quickly and effectively the training efforts have paid off.Thank you & best wishes,
Shelly & the Family

Thank You from Rosie

Dear Dogs Bay,
After purchasing a six week old Vizsla (Rosie), we wanted to find a trainer that would help us establish correct commands, enforce house rules and teach us how to meet Rosie’s needs at home. We believed it was imperative that we learn how to establish these rules and commands at home, because she was now apart of our family. That is why we choose to do personal training sessions at home with Dogs Bay.
Working with¬†Dogs¬†Bay¬†was a great experience for us, because during the training sessions he always had Rosie’s best interest at heart.¬†They helped us establish our house rules with commands and made sure that we were successful before the session ended. Rosie also loves seeing all of her friends at¬† Doggie Day Care it has been a great place for her to go and develop good social skills. We know that when we leave her there for the day that everybody there takes just as good of care of her as we would at home.
We appreciate the hard work that you put into helping us raise a good dog!Jeff, Michelle, and Rosalee
Holland, MI

Thank You from Ringo

Dear Deb,
Ringo and I really enjoyed the Behavior Modification class – I think we both learned quite a bit and it was a lot of fun!Jamy Rodriguez
Holland, MI
Dear Dogs Bay,
I am writing to let you know how happy we are with the training we have received, but more importantly with your trainers. We are extremely pleased the training.  Your trainers were very knowledgeable in terms of animal behavior and psychology and understood the specifics of our dog really well. We learned a ton from working with them and we have a better dog to show for it. I would recommend Dogs Bay to anyone without reservation. Feel free to use us as a reference for Dogs Bay. Thanks again for the great service,Andy & Ilse Saewert
Holland, MI

Thank You from Casey

Hi Deb,
I’m not sure if I told you this but I just wanted to let you know Casey’s progress. He’s doing so well, we still need to work on the “come command” but that’s more our fault. He is house broken now. The only time he has an accident now is if we get really busy and forget to take him out. He even started to scratch lightly on the back door to the studio if he needs to go out and has always really had to go. A few times, lately, he goes to the door and lightly scratches shortly after he was already out. Each time he goes straight to his area and “spits up”. I’m not sure why he spits up but at least he figures whatever comes out of him, has to be done outside. (His
mommy is really proud of him) He is becoming such a great little guy.I hope all is going great for you. Stay warm & thank you so much for all your help.
Carol King
Holland, MI
Dear Dogs Bay,
We really enjoyed the classes. I have always been a dog person, but learning to be the Alpha has really changed the way we handle things with Harry. Thank you so much!
Barb & Dave Schmitt w/ Harry

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